Thursday, 28 October 2010

my tattoo drawings

Here are some drawings I've done. I want to get the first one tattooed on my side. :)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

miya bailey

I just found Miya Bailey's website for his studio, City of Ink in Atlanta. He has some pretty cool designs, I especially love this one. It's finished in colour but I prefer black and grey tattoos, would love to get something like this. Would hurt like a bitch though!

Friday, 24 September 2010

plan b cable tie rings

Another piece of inspiration that led to my To Adorn project was this Plan B Cable Tie Ring Set by Ambre France. It's so brilliant I had to share it with you on here. Really simple but beautifully done. The rings come in silver, gold and platinum and there's also the option to add a diamond.
Plan A is to: 1. Fall in love 2. Get married 3. Live happily ever after. If Plan A fails resort to Plan B. Plan B: 1. Cut all ties.
It's so brutal but true! Maybe one day a nice young man will buy me one, let's just hope Plan A works! (they have some great jewellery and a pretty cool website too)

finn magee's light poster

I saw this awesome light a while ago in one of my books. It's designed by Finn Magee and actually works using LEDs. It was one of my pieces of inspiration that led to my To Adorn: Tyvek Jewellery. I wanted to make something useful out of an everyday material like paper (or tyvek). It just shows you that not everything has to be the same; everyday objects can become pieces of art.

tim hendricks

A while ago, I found Tim Hendricks' blog and found this amazing tattoo. His tattoos are incredible. I wanted to go to the London Tattoo Convention this weekend to see if I could get a tattoo by him but sadly I'm skint! Maybe next year. I'd love to get a tattoo like this one on my inner arm, see the proper version on his website:

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

amazing dress!

Just saw this on the Cool Hunter's facebook page. It's a dress by Holly Fulton:
I love all of her geometric designs, I want one!