Thursday, 28 October 2010

my tattoo drawings

Here are some drawings I've done. I want to get the first one tattooed on my side. :)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

miya bailey

I just found Miya Bailey's website for his studio, City of Ink in Atlanta. He has some pretty cool designs, I especially love this one. It's finished in colour but I prefer black and grey tattoos, would love to get something like this. Would hurt like a bitch though!

Friday, 24 September 2010

plan b cable tie rings

Another piece of inspiration that led to my To Adorn project was this Plan B Cable Tie Ring Set by Ambre France. It's so brilliant I had to share it with you on here. Really simple but beautifully done. The rings come in silver, gold and platinum and there's also the option to add a diamond.
Plan A is to: 1. Fall in love 2. Get married 3. Live happily ever after. If Plan A fails resort to Plan B. Plan B: 1. Cut all ties.
It's so brutal but true! Maybe one day a nice young man will buy me one, let's just hope Plan A works! (they have some great jewellery and a pretty cool website too)

finn magee's light poster

I saw this awesome light a while ago in one of my books. It's designed by Finn Magee and actually works using LEDs. It was one of my pieces of inspiration that led to my To Adorn: Tyvek Jewellery. I wanted to make something useful out of an everyday material like paper (or tyvek). It just shows you that not everything has to be the same; everyday objects can become pieces of art.

tim hendricks

A while ago, I found Tim Hendricks' blog and found this amazing tattoo. His tattoos are incredible. I wanted to go to the London Tattoo Convention this weekend to see if I could get a tattoo by him but sadly I'm skint! Maybe next year. I'd love to get a tattoo like this one on my inner arm, see the proper version on his website:

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

amazing dress!

Just saw this on the Cool Hunter's facebook page. It's a dress by Holly Fulton:
I love all of her geometric designs, I want one!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

elevator pitch

Eilidh Marshall

University of Dundee: Product Design

Product: Tyvek Jewellery: To Adorn

Elevator Pitch: Many products today are simply mass-produced, standardised objects that do not give the user a sense of ownership. I wanted to create a product that could be adapted by the user to give a sense of individuality; making a unique product that the user could adapt and personalise as they wish.

To Adorn, Tyvek Jewellery, uses material not typically used for making luxury items such as jewellery. I wanted to create an affordable yet desirable item for people to wear, giving a high-end product on a low budget. Tyvek is waterproof and tear proof to ensure that the jewellery is durable, as well as being recyclable.

Each sheet contains one length of jewellery for the user to remove and wear where they desire. There are six designs in the range, all based around tattoo imagery. Each sheet acts as a piece of art in itself before the images become abstract when worn as jewellery. The designs can also be layered together however the wearer wishes to fashion different looks.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

user testing

For testing my finished product, I asked a number of people including, clothing boutique owner Kirsten Dunnet at Missy La Las boutique, the owner of Boo Vake, a designer maker shop and Lorraine Law, a contemporary jewellery designer maker and shop owner. Lorraine gave me the following feedback:

"The product itself is innovative and imaginative, the use of Tyvek as a
material shows you have taken the idea of paper as a material and expanded
it to using something with more flexibility which is less disposable giving
it a longer wear life. This in addition to the price point would make it
appeal more to the fashion/costume jewellery/accessories market.

The appearance of the product draws you in, makes you curious particularly
when displayed as jewellery but has the appearance of a poster. Images
printed on the Tyvek allow you to see what the shapes are but being printed
at odds with the shape it's less obvious when popped out. It created a
nostalic feeling for me of child hood scrap dolls where you took a figure
and created a look using the materials supplied. When a product invokes
emotion it's half way to being sold.

I feel as a concept and design it's great. As a jewellery product it will
appeal to the more creative individual wearer. I see finished product it
being offered for sale in a wider accessories market via boutiques,
galleries and accessories shops rather than retail jewellers. With this in
mind it could be further developed by introducing the use of colour with
dyes and fabric pens. This would bring it more into todays current trend of
creating your own jewelleryto fit with outfits. At the moment the 'big
thing' is beads and charms, 'To Adorn' marketed effectively could fit into
this area."

press release


For Immediate Release

Paper Jewellery: To Adorn

To Adorn is a unique form of jewellery that can be adapted and customised by the wearer to promote a sense of individuality. The product comes packaged in sheet form to allow the user to remove the jewellery and wear it where they want, cutting and customising as desired. The jewellery uses tyvek, a material not typically used in luxury products, however it is durable as it is tear-proof and waterproof, as well as being recyclable. The product acts as a high-end product on a low budget.

The inspiration for this product came from the insight that making things yourself gives you a sense of achievement and empowerment. The designer, Eilidh Marshall wanted to combine her love of tattoos with products that promote creativity. She felt that being creative should be made easier as not everybody has the confidence to make and wear things they have made themselves.

To Adorn is made by firstly screen-printing tyvek in six different designs and three different colours, gold, silver and black. Each sheet is then laser cut with a design that matches the prints. The designs were inspired by tattoo imagery and include swallows, stars, cherry blossoms, anchors, chains and butterflies.

Retail Price: £10 per sheet


Notes to Editor:

Eilidh Marshall is a keen product designer with a background in illustration. She enjoys designing unique and creative products aimed at bringing fun and enjoyment to the life of the user. Her values and design philosophy are based around social and environmental awareness, fun, creativity and honesty: creating useful products that are light-hearted and aesthetically pleasing.

Product Design at Dundee University gives its students knowledge of human-centred design as well as an understanding of technology and engineering. The course works with changes in society and technology to create informed designs and gain knowledge of the design world and business.

Press Enquiries:

Eilidh Marshall

T: +44 (0) 7885 264199

Thursday, 6 May 2010


The video of my project 'To Adorn' Paper Jewellery is a stop motion of each of the designs being removed from the sheet and being put on. It can be viewed on my website: or

photo shoot

Here are the photos of my final product being displayed in a shop, the anchor pattern being removed from the sheet and the jewellery being worn. The jewellery can be experimented with and worn in different places... as necklaces, bracelets, belts or headwear.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Final Packaged Products

Above are the final, printed, laser cut and packaged prints. I have been getting some photographs done for marketing, using on my website, business cards, etc. I have also been working on making my video. This will include a user choosing the product in a shop, then illustrating how to remove the jewellery from the sheet and put it on and wearing it. This will be repeated six times to show each of the designs.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

changes to prints

After our first Make presentation, I decided to change the images that I am printing. I wanted the images to cover more of the jewellery, so I repeated the designs randomly over the page. I also changed the font and the commercial name to To Adorn. I feel they make the product look more luxurious and sophisticated. I also took the prints to a company to free my time for the Talk stage... and I am so happy because they can print in gold and silver!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

the jewellery

The jewellery can be removed from each sheet and worn however the user wants. The photos show the butterfly, chain and cherry blossom jewellery being worn as necklaces but they can be used as bracelets or worn around the users head or waist. The idea of the jewellery is that user is free to adapt each item as they wish; cutting it to different sizes or layering up different designs.

the packaged products

After laser cutting each sheet of tyvek, I packaged the finished products. Each sheet was backed with card & covered in clear film. I finished the packaging with a label repeating the pattern of the jewellery and the product name. Each pattern comes in three colours, blue, red and purple.

Friday, 26 March 2010

final screen prints

I have finally finished screen printing each of the images onto the tyvek. The cherry blossoms, stars, anchors, chain, butterfly and swallows come in a range of three colours: blue, red and purple. I also screen printed the product name, instructions and an image of the product being worn down the side of the same sheet. The idea is that the consumer will be able to see everything straight away, letting them know what the product is. I chose the name "Too Wrap" as you wrap the necklace around you and Too is a reference to tattoos.