Wednesday, 27 January 2010

tyvek jewellery

I came up with another idea for the jewellery rather than being a book. I have decided to make the jewellery out of tyvek (a tear-proof, waterproof paper) as it has similar qualities to paper but is much more durable and will make better jewellery. I plan to create a pattern that can be cut around the sides and removed to wrap around your neck or wrist. The jewellery can be cut to any shape or different designs can be layered to create new looks. I have worked on a few designs based around tattoo imagery so the jewellery can be a new form of body adornment, a way to wear tattoo designs without the permanence or pain of a real tattoo.

The pieces will look like the image above, the rectangle that surrounds the design can be cut out to allow the user to pull out the jewellery.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

the jewellery

Here are some of the outcomes of the mock book I made. Each item has someone's tattoo as decoration. 

tattoos with meaning theme

I thought of a theme of using people's tattoos and there meanings in my book of paper jewellery. I asked people to send me photos of their tattoos and the meaning behind them. I then drew their tattoos and put them on the page with an item of jewellery and wrote their meaning. The idea was that the user could pick what item of jewellery they want to wear based on it's meaning and how it would help the user that day. I have found that many people do not want to get tattooed because they can't find a design they would be happy with for the rest of their lives. This book would allow people to wear a tattoo for a day without the commitment of a real tattoo.

jewellery layout

While I was thinking about a theme to give my book, I worked on the layout of the book and jewellery. I need to make sure the jewellery will work and not fall apart when they are taken out of the book. These are three examples of the layouts I came up with, I am trying to make each piece as different as possible to give the user a bigger choice.

tattoo traditions?

I was thinking of themes for my book of paper jewellery and thought of doing a history of tattoos. Showing the traditions of tattooing from different countries. From Otzi the Iceman, from the Bronze Age to the Pazyryks in the Iron Age and Egyptian and Japanese tattoos among others. I wasn't sure if this theme would make the prettiest jewellery, however, so this needs more thought.