Monday, 26 April 2010

Final Packaged Products

Above are the final, printed, laser cut and packaged prints. I have been getting some photographs done for marketing, using on my website, business cards, etc. I have also been working on making my video. This will include a user choosing the product in a shop, then illustrating how to remove the jewellery from the sheet and put it on and wearing it. This will be repeated six times to show each of the designs.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

changes to prints

After our first Make presentation, I decided to change the images that I am printing. I wanted the images to cover more of the jewellery, so I repeated the designs randomly over the page. I also changed the font and the commercial name to To Adorn. I feel they make the product look more luxurious and sophisticated. I also took the prints to a company to free my time for the Talk stage... and I am so happy because they can print in gold and silver!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

the jewellery

The jewellery can be removed from each sheet and worn however the user wants. The photos show the butterfly, chain and cherry blossom jewellery being worn as necklaces but they can be used as bracelets or worn around the users head or waist. The idea of the jewellery is that user is free to adapt each item as they wish; cutting it to different sizes or layering up different designs.

the packaged products

After laser cutting each sheet of tyvek, I packaged the finished products. Each sheet was backed with card & covered in clear film. I finished the packaging with a label repeating the pattern of the jewellery and the product name. Each pattern comes in three colours, blue, red and purple.