Friday, 26 March 2010

final screen prints

I have finally finished screen printing each of the images onto the tyvek. The cherry blossoms, stars, anchors, chain, butterfly and swallows come in a range of three colours: blue, red and purple. I also screen printed the product name, instructions and an image of the product being worn down the side of the same sheet. The idea is that the consumer will be able to see everything straight away, letting them know what the product is. I chose the name "Too Wrap" as you wrap the necklace around you and Too is a reference to tattoos.

Monday, 22 March 2010

changes to images

After talking to Pete, I decided to change three of my images I was screen printing (screen printing images shown above). The original pictures I drew weren't obviously like tattoos so I decided to go with a more traditional style. I also spent another few days screen printing. The previous colours I had screen printed with weren't metallic so they didn't have the quality of gold, silver or bronze. I spent some time experimenting with metallic acrylic paints to print with. I tried mixing the paint with printing paste so it had a more fluid consistency but it printed out very faintly and didn't even look metallic. I then tried printing with acrylic straight out of the tube but it didn't look much better. So I had to make the decision to abandon the gold, silver and bronze/ copper colours. I was quite disappointed they didn't work because I think colours that reflect more traditional jewellery would have worked well. Instead I am using more traditional tattoo colours, blue, deep red and deep purple. I feel they work well as they reflect the young, fun qualities of the jewellery.

Monday, 15 March 2010

screen printed butterfly

The image of the butterfly was my first screen print. I have decided to do them in three colours, gold, bronze and silver, to reflect more tradition jewellery. I printed the image slightly to the left of the tyvek sheet so it will be in the middle of the laser cut. After each image has been printed, I intend to print the instructions on the right of the sheet. I am also thinking of how to package the jewellery. I want it to be A2 sheet size so the user can see what the jewellery looks like. I don't want it to use too much material either because I hate products that have loads of unnecessary packaging. Another consideration is whether to sell the jewellery individually or as a set of six.

screen printing images

I have decided to screen print the tyvek before it is laser cut. Each sheet of tyvek will have one bigger image of what is cut out on the sheet, for example, cherry blossoms, stars or an anchor. This will act as a piece of art on the sheet before the jewellery is taken out and become abstract lines and shapes on the jewellery when it is worn. I drew each image, which i then scanned to be printed on acetate ready for screen printing.

finalising the patterns

I have been cutting some patterns on recycled paper to save some tyvek. This means I can perfect the patterns before I cut out the final pieces; ensuring there are no weak areas and the pattern works aesthetically. Above are flowers and cherry blossoms, anchors, chains and stars. These practices allowed me to see what changes were needed and what size the pattern had to be so they are not cut off by the laser cutter- width: 413mm x height: 386mm is the maximum they can be.

Monday, 1 March 2010


Rather than printing out a whole sheet of a new pattern straight away, I did test samples of the same images with slight changes to see quickly which one worked the best. The first three images show these test sheets. After I decided which one worked best, I then printed the whole sheet with it, like the butterflies and stars above. I have also been working on the design of the roses and swallows. I feel the roses still need some work and to be simplified further although I am happier with the swallows design.