Monday, 21 December 2009

theme for the book?

I have been thinking about how I could make my paper jewellery book more interesting. Perhaps showcasing the designs of jewellers in paper or showing a history of jewellery, throughout the times... Victorian jewellery for example. Then I thought back to one of my passions, tattoos (above is a part of my most recent tattoo). 
I have been looking into the history of tattoos, all the different styles and how they vary in different countries, both in how they are done and their styles. These range from the bronze age, Egyptian, Polynesian, Japanese, Ancient Greece and Rome, Celtic and Vikings among others. I think this could be an interesting thing to look into for my project. Maybe making each item of jewellery typical of a country or time. I have more research to do and I am hopefully going to do some research in a tattoo studio.

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