Monday, 22 March 2010

changes to images

After talking to Pete, I decided to change three of my images I was screen printing (screen printing images shown above). The original pictures I drew weren't obviously like tattoos so I decided to go with a more traditional style. I also spent another few days screen printing. The previous colours I had screen printed with weren't metallic so they didn't have the quality of gold, silver or bronze. I spent some time experimenting with metallic acrylic paints to print with. I tried mixing the paint with printing paste so it had a more fluid consistency but it printed out very faintly and didn't even look metallic. I then tried printing with acrylic straight out of the tube but it didn't look much better. So I had to make the decision to abandon the gold, silver and bronze/ copper colours. I was quite disappointed they didn't work because I think colours that reflect more traditional jewellery would have worked well. Instead I am using more traditional tattoo colours, blue, deep red and deep purple. I feel they work well as they reflect the young, fun qualities of the jewellery.

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