Tuesday, 11 May 2010

elevator pitch

Eilidh Marshall

University of Dundee: Product Design

Product: Tyvek Jewellery: To Adorn

Elevator Pitch: Many products today are simply mass-produced, standardised objects that do not give the user a sense of ownership. I wanted to create a product that could be adapted by the user to give a sense of individuality; making a unique product that the user could adapt and personalise as they wish.

To Adorn, Tyvek Jewellery, uses material not typically used for making luxury items such as jewellery. I wanted to create an affordable yet desirable item for people to wear, giving a high-end product on a low budget. Tyvek is waterproof and tear proof to ensure that the jewellery is durable, as well as being recyclable.

Each sheet contains one length of jewellery for the user to remove and wear where they desire. There are six designs in the range, all based around tattoo imagery. Each sheet acts as a piece of art in itself before the images become abstract when worn as jewellery. The designs can also be layered together however the wearer wishes to fashion different looks.

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