Sunday, 9 May 2010

user testing

For testing my finished product, I asked a number of people including, clothing boutique owner Kirsten Dunnet at Missy La Las boutique, the owner of Boo Vake, a designer maker shop and Lorraine Law, a contemporary jewellery designer maker and shop owner. Lorraine gave me the following feedback:

"The product itself is innovative and imaginative, the use of Tyvek as a
material shows you have taken the idea of paper as a material and expanded
it to using something with more flexibility which is less disposable giving
it a longer wear life. This in addition to the price point would make it
appeal more to the fashion/costume jewellery/accessories market.

The appearance of the product draws you in, makes you curious particularly
when displayed as jewellery but has the appearance of a poster. Images
printed on the Tyvek allow you to see what the shapes are but being printed
at odds with the shape it's less obvious when popped out. It created a
nostalic feeling for me of child hood scrap dolls where you took a figure
and created a look using the materials supplied. When a product invokes
emotion it's half way to being sold.

I feel as a concept and design it's great. As a jewellery product it will
appeal to the more creative individual wearer. I see finished product it
being offered for sale in a wider accessories market via boutiques,
galleries and accessories shops rather than retail jewellers. With this in
mind it could be further developed by introducing the use of colour with
dyes and fabric pens. This would bring it more into todays current trend of
creating your own jewelleryto fit with outfits. At the moment the 'big
thing' is beads and charms, 'To Adorn' marketed effectively could fit into
this area."

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