Sunday, 9 May 2010

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Paper Jewellery: To Adorn

To Adorn is a unique form of jewellery that can be adapted and customised by the wearer to promote a sense of individuality. The product comes packaged in sheet form to allow the user to remove the jewellery and wear it where they want, cutting and customising as desired. The jewellery uses tyvek, a material not typically used in luxury products, however it is durable as it is tear-proof and waterproof, as well as being recyclable. The product acts as a high-end product on a low budget.

The inspiration for this product came from the insight that making things yourself gives you a sense of achievement and empowerment. The designer, Eilidh Marshall wanted to combine her love of tattoos with products that promote creativity. She felt that being creative should be made easier as not everybody has the confidence to make and wear things they have made themselves.

To Adorn is made by firstly screen-printing tyvek in six different designs and three different colours, gold, silver and black. Each sheet is then laser cut with a design that matches the prints. The designs were inspired by tattoo imagery and include swallows, stars, cherry blossoms, anchors, chains and butterflies.

Retail Price: £10 per sheet


Notes to Editor:

Eilidh Marshall is a keen product designer with a background in illustration. She enjoys designing unique and creative products aimed at bringing fun and enjoyment to the life of the user. Her values and design philosophy are based around social and environmental awareness, fun, creativity and honesty: creating useful products that are light-hearted and aesthetically pleasing.

Product Design at Dundee University gives its students knowledge of human-centred design as well as an understanding of technology and engineering. The course works with changes in society and technology to create informed designs and gain knowledge of the design world and business.

Press Enquiries:

Eilidh Marshall

T: +44 (0) 7885 264199

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